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Randy's Wish List for 2022 - Part 1!

Randy here. No matter how early I start this list (late July 2021 for this), I always seem to be playing catchup in February. But that won't stop me from trying! I also have to adjust the list, as some of my "wishes" seem to come true before the year's even out!

First, let's look back at how my "wishes" from Randy's Wish List 2020 and 2021 came true.

Well - my prognostications worked out well! Seventeen figures wished into existence! And I even have another 3 or so that'll be coming out later this year (mostly from The Mandalorian) The Zombie Cap *is* a little bit of stretch, since I was going with Marvel Zombie, and he's from Disney+ "What If...?" series. But still- we have a ZOMBIE Cap in retail stores! You can check out my previous "wishes: 2020 Part 1 2020 Part 2 2021 Part 1 2021 Part 2

Now I bring you...

Randy's List of "Toys That MUST Be Made" in 2022!


Well, Hasbro seems to have gone light for 2022, with so many reveals recently being scheduled for 2023. But that doesn't stop me! This is still one of my favorite primary lines that I collect.


R2-D2 (All New Sculpt) CLONE PILOT (Attack of the Clones) CLONE TROOPER SCOUT (Revenge of the Sith)

AHSOKA TANO (3 pack)

I still want the Jedi Master Luke from Crait, so I brought him back from my Wish List for 2020. While not a huge fan of R2-D2 (I'm an R5-D4 guy), there NEEDS to be a new R2 to properly be in scale with the Black Series. Plus, doing an R2 will lead to it used for other droids. While I know that Hasbro will never do a Black Series Republic Gunship (though maybe someone will mad a custom...), I really like the design of the Clone Pilots. This would take most of the Clone Trooper body, with a slightly altered helmet. Now when it comes to a Clone Trooper Scout, there's a little more work to be done on a Biker Scout body. But that the camo paint aps would look amazing - and Commander Gree needs him some troopers to command. With the upcoming Disney+ AHSOKA TANO series coming, I think a 3 pack of her through the years could be cool. Start with the early "Snips", do a mid-"The Clone Wars" version, then a Season 7 version. They could even expand it to bring in the previous "Rebels" version as a fourth figure.

50th Lucasfilm “Book” Series

MARA JADE (The Thrawn Saga)*

NOHGRI (The Thrawn Saga)* QUINLAN VOS (Dark Horse Comics) DARTH TALON (Dark Horse Comics) ZOMBIE STORMTROOPER (“Death Troopers” book)*

PRINCESS LEIA (Marvel limited comic series) * CARNOR JAX (Dark Horse Comics)

Many of these I've mentioned before in *2020. But with the 50th Lucasfilm "Book" series continuing into 2022 with Black Krssantan (and apparently several others to be released), this is the perfect place for these! Add to that EU favorite Darth Talon and Jedi Quinlan Vos, and you've got some fine choices to add to the line. Since we have a Kir Kanos, we HAVE to have a Carnor Jax to go along... if only to fix the egregious packaging error on Kanos!

Archives Series

I'm dedicating this Archive series to the "army builders". I mean, I appreciate that Hasbro has come out with figures from the 501st and the Artillery Stormtrooper. But I'm just looking at some plain old Clone Trooper and Stormtroopers - which should ALWAYS be available! A quick head change, and you have a basic Imperial "Mud" Trooper, to go along with your Stormtroopers. Add to that the Rebel Fleet Trooper, maybe throw in a new head and hands to change it up.


With 2022 being the 20th anniversary of the Marvel Legends line (started at Toy Biz), I expect we'll see quite a few surprises this year. It also marks the 20th anniversary of the release of Sam Raimi's SPIDER-MAN film, one of the earliest hits in Marvel films.

Spider-Man 20th Anniversary

  • Spider-Man w/Tobey Maguire Head (SPIDER-MAN)

  • Green Goblin w/Willem Dafoe Head (SPIDER-MAN)

  • J. Jonah Jameson (SPIDER-MAN)

  • Black Suit Spider-Man (SPIDER-MAN 2)

  • Venom w/Topher Grace Head (SPIDER-MAN 3)

  • Green Goblin II w/James Franco Head (SPIDER-MAN 3)

  • BAF-Sandman (SPIDER-MAN 3)

Raimi's SPIDER-MAN films got figures... but Hasbro can do them even better in 2022! This is especially true when it come to their face-printing technology. And this line would DEFINITELY benefit from have super-accurate alternate heads for almost all the figures. Doing the Sandman as a BAF give them a chance to make a great over-sized figure.

Spider-Man No Way Home 2nd Series

Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire) Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield) Spider-Man Battle Damaged (Tom Holland) Doctor Octopus (Alfred Molina) Green Goblin (Wilem Dafoe) Electro (Jamie Foxx) BAF: Aunt May (Marisa Tomei)

Hey-it's been two months since SPIDER-MAN NO WAY HOME came out- all secrets are out!

Just from one movie, SO MANY movies version of Spidey and his Rogue's Gallery that you can filled out in your collection in just one line! You can't miss the opportunity to get EVERY live-action Spider-Man in one shot! Then add to that some many iconic villains. The BAF give tribute to the Marisa Tomei's excellent Aunt May.

And that's where I'll stop for now. I plan on the 2nd part to come out later this week. OK - I HOPE it'll be out later this week! Til then...

Be seeing you. RANDY

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