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Merry Christmas from Randy of AFTimes!

Merry Christmas!

Happy Hannakah!

Joyous Kwanza!

Bountiful Solstice!

Chipper Boxing Day!

Randy here for Christmastime 2023.

Apparently, it has been a few years since I've done this, so let's get back on it!

The only thing that never changes in Life is Change! 20234 was no different. It was another difficult year, and I'm always hoping for better, and there were a few wins this year. But I have more Life changes coming soon... and also good thoughts & hopes for 2024!

I wouldn't, nor would the rest of us, be here without AFTimes faithful readers. In a world where there's so much social media and sites to take your attention away, it's great to see people still checking us. I will always be grateful for the continued support of our readers. This site has gone through some of the greatest eras of the toy industry, from both looking in from the outside and down in the thick of it. And you've all come with us during that ride.

Thank you.

My grateful and continued thanks to Crowmaniac & Head Ginger and Cap'n Jack & My Banana, Foam Smithy & his lady and The Wonder Twins +1, The Mad Scientist & The Mad Artist, Red Bat, NinjaLawyer, Liam of the Mountains, Gryphon & DB, Scobus and The Woman, Kricki & Duckman, CrimsonRatt and his lady +1, John the Samurai, Lady Tiamat, ZombieQueen, Robin & Rose, Dizney Chick & Raw Dawg, , as well as AJ & Tiff, Scarina's Vault, Sarah Jane, and Dalia of Twitter (X it will NEVER be for me!) & BlueSky, as well as Oddbatt, El Pinko Grande, My Brother from Another Mother, and Den of the Halways, and Boss Che and the Lotus Elf of the Many. And special thanks to Umpire & Toygodd whose presence is always here, and Realistikk the continued videos and reviews for the site.

The day was filled with preparation of presents and last-minute rides out to shop in the last hours of the day. But I'm home as as I write this, between some egg nog and the Dark Part of It's a Wonderful Life. Tomorrow, I'll sleep in, open some presents (to myself MOSTLY, but not all), and visit the family for my Christmas and a brother's birthday. Probably throw in some Chinese food there at the end. My best to you all.

Be seeing you... very soon!


PS-Planning/Hoping for a couple of more posts before the end of the year, as 2024 is another milestone for AFTimes!

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