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Randy's Wish List for 2021! Part 2

Randy here! While it's taken me a little longer than expected (2nd year in a row that's happened), I'm back with the second half of my "Wish List" for 2021. If you haven't already, you should read Part 1!

So, let's get to the rest of my list!

GI JOE (Hasbro)



  • Colonel Brekhov

  • Horrorshow

  • Daina

  • Schrage

  • Stormavik

My love of the GI Joe is mostly 80's love, but it was always with the outsiders more than the Joes. And two of my sweet spots from the 80's? THE ROAD WARRIOR (MAD MAX 2) and the Soviets/Warsaw Pact military. So this is all about MY nostalgia. Beyond tying into the Mad Max craze at the time, I've no idea why the Dreadnoks were added to the GI Joe line - but I'm glad they were! They make a fun alternate antagonist group that look pretty wild. And if was to REALLY dream? Vehicles!

I always wanted the Thunder Machine, but never got around to it. In 1/12 scale, it would be nuts! And we need more of that in the Joe line!

GI Joe - Reserves - Retro Line (WHAT’S A SIMILAR NAME TO WORK TO ML’s Retro and SW Archives)

Maybe it's a little early in the line, but you KNOW that with the popularity of the Marvel Legends Classics and Star Wars Black Archives series, that a retro carded line for GI Joe is GOING to happen! Modify some of the prior released ones to be closer to the 80's style. Also, it HAS to be on the classic 80's "explosion" cardback!


  • Dr. Sam Loomis (Halloween II ’81)

  • Jason Voorhees "Upgraded" (Jason X)

I will ALWAYS hold out for more ALIENS Colonial Marines (as mentioned last year), but there are a few things I'd like to see. I VERY much regret not getting the NECA Halloween ('78) boxed set from YEARS ago. I thought Dr. Loomis would be released separately. I KNOW that NECA can't do anything from the 1st movie (right now), but since they just did the 8in clothed version of Loomis, maybe we can get that Dr. Loomis? I'll always hope! I, unironically, LOVE Jason X! It a WHOLE lotta fun, and proves my belief that movies aren't Science, they're Alchemy. Because there is NO WAY this movie should work as well as it does.. Since NECA has been doing SO many wonderful versions of Jason during the past few years, THIS is the one I want! I KNOW there are issues with the license, but that's why this is my WISH List.


  • El Mariachi (Desperado)

  • Carolina (Desperado)

  • Navajas (Desperado)

  • Agent Sands (Once Upon A Time in Mexico)

This one came about mostly because, for as many Johnny Depp figures NECA has made, I have ALWAYS wanted the Agent Sands figure, from the end of Once Upon A Time in Mexico. I just really dig his Zaitochi-esque look. Could always throw in an regular hear of Depp as well. But if you're gonna do Agent Sands, you GOTTA go all the way! You NEED the Mariachi himself, as well as his love Carolina! I'm using the Once Upon A Time in Mexico versions for them, but I'm thinking you could include youngers heads for them in Desperado. And the guitar/gun case is a MUST! Round it out with one of the baddest Bad Asses in film- Danny Trejo as Navajas! That's it for this year's choices! But I'm sure I'll have more ideas soon enough, as more toys for 2021 are revealed. Thanks for indulging my imagination. We'll meet back in 2022 and see how well I did!

Be seeing you! RANDY of AFTimes

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