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Randy Here... and let's talk about toys that we hope for. Okay, maybe just ME.

With the 2020 American International Toy Fair in New York City coming up quickly (I will return to the Javitts again one day!) and it sends aa toy fan/collector's heart racing. Hope rises that a new license will be announced, or a version of a character close to your heart makes its debut. And hope's not a bad thing.

Years (as in decades) ago, I used to do an annual list of toys I'd like to see made, during the up-coming year, aka "Randy's List of Toys that MUST Be Made!" And in remembering not only the list, but the fact that many of my suggestions actually DID get made over time, has led to resurrecting this old idea.

So, who wants to see my wish list? I thought so! (NOTE: I've been working on this for several months, so if this coincides with toys just announced or soon to be, this is merely speculation on my part, not insider info)

Star Wars Black (Hasbro)

One of the great things about the SW Black series is how is has embraced all aspects of the SW Universe, including videogames (Battlefront II), comics (Dr. Aphra), Legends (Darth Revan, Jaina Solo, and now even the new televison series(The Mandalorian, Cara Dune). All that gives us a wider reach of figures and toys that can be made. And that's ALWAYS a good thing.

So I'm all over the place, but HEY, this is my list!

Can't go wrong with another Luke figure, and for me, I LOVE the look he has on Crait. I LOVE Rogue One so much, so let's FINISH the entire main cast. Bodhi deserves a figure! Even as a kid, I loved the Endor Rebel Soldiers, with the camo and ponchos. Plus, it would be a great "army builder" so have him come with extra heads and equipment. I've dug the Noghri since introduced in Timothy Zahn's "Thrawn Saga" series (you'll see this again), and was happy to see them & Rukh appear in the "Rebels" animated series. While we've gotten a Rex in his early appearance, this is the older version as seen in "Rebels" (really-great show!), with a mix of his old clone armor. The ARC Trooper that I want would be the early version from the Genndy Tartakovsky/comic, with the Phase 1 helmet & armor and WESTAR-M5 blaster rifle. An EASY one to put together for Hasbro using amlost everything from the Captain Rex figure! I really dug the 3 3/4 version of Starkiller, esp when it was released so you can make either the "dark" or "light" versions of him from the game. That's what I'd want in the figure as well! Even if she's currently "Legend" in SW canon, Mara Jade is STILL A LEGEND, a fan favorite for decades now. And between SW Black and Marvel Legends, Hasbro could easily "build" one. Really-there are Stormtrooper Zombies! So how can I NOT want to have figures of them?! Why wouldn't you? Kir Kanos is one the most fun series from Dark Horse, now under "Legends" status by Lucasfilm. But Hasbro has already makde several version os him in 3 3/4 in., and with the 6" Royal Guard already armored up under the robes, you've got 75% of the figure already done! Princess Leia gets even more chances to be badass in the recent Marvel Comics series. And her outfit, while reminiscent of prior movie versions, is unique and fun.


I love the Archives line, and think it's s great way to get back figures people might have missed, especially if Hasbro starts updating the heads with their new face painting technology. Luke in Rebel Fatigues would be a great one to bring back and update, especially with the 40th anniversary of ESB this year. With the new, final season of "The Clone Wars" coming to Disney+ shortly, Now would be a great time to bring back that army builder Clone Trooper. Even could mix it up and throw in a captain, lieutenant, and sergeant into the mix as a surprise. I know I could use at least 3-5 more of them! I was honestly surprised that Hasbro released a Sabine, back in the day. Now that "Rebels" is concluded AND up on Disney+, now would be good to bring her back, but how about packing in a new head or two? She went through multiple hair styles over the seasons. Plus, you could throw in a certain melee accessory that becomes important in the last season? Ahsoka is a perennial favorite, and been introduced to the live-action fans (at lest her voice), time to bring her back! Plus, it'll keep me from having to pay outrageous secondary market prices!

Archives Deluxe Figure *IMPERIAL SNOW TROOPER w/E-WEB CANON (The Empire Strikes Back) Another one that ties into the 40th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, since Hasbro has introduced the deluxe figures range into stores, this seems an obvious choice. Plus, a chance to reuse the Snow Trooper molds, maybe even put two figures with the canon? And since the E-Web was name-checked in "The Mandalorian", people might have to get it just for that. Archives Vehicle *SPEEDER BIKE w/BIKER SCOUT ("The Mandalorian") And after the last two episodes (Not spoiling!), this should be a no-brainer for Hasbro. Everything the same as the original release, just a dirtied paint-job for the Scout and white/gray paint for the speeder! know I'd need two! *Maybe* include a canvas sack?


SNOW SPEEDER w/GUNNER DAK (The Empire Strikes Back)

TWIN POD CLOUD CAR w/BESPIN PILOTS (The Empire Strikes Back) REPUBLIC GUNSHIP w/CLONE PILOTS (The Attack of the Clone/Revenge of the Sith) IMPERIAL TROOP TRANSPORT w/ IMPERIAL COMBAT DRIVER ("Rebels"/"The Mandalorian")

This is the 40th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, so you KNOW Hasbro is going to focus on that. So why not some new vehicles? Snow Speeder is a classic vehicle and a favorite toy growing up. Figure Hasbro to do an updated "bulky" flightsuit Like, then use the body for a Dak to come with it! I'm amazed they haven't done the Cloud Car already, as it may take up space but no flashy electronic or complex machining. Just a seat for the pilots to go it! I LOVE the Republic Gunship design, and know it's SOOO doubtful Hasbro would ever make it, even if only for the size of it! But I can dream about it... and that it comes with the Pilots too! And I don't know about anyone else, but seeing a live-action version of the 1st EU Star Toy made 40 years ago by Kenner roll into frame made me more happy than I thought possible with "The Mandalorian"! I know the ITT has shown up on "Rebels" as well.

I know most are dreams, but I've seen people selling custom Snow Speeders, X-Wings, and AT-STs, so it IS do-able. Just a question of cost...

GI Joe-Declassified (Hasbro) I DO NOT understand why Hasbro hasn't done GI Joe in the 6" scale yet. I can speculate as to why. Perhaps based on things like cost of production vs. the return on investment was not deemed large enough, as well as lacking the level of interest there once was from retailers and/or consumers, and possibly holding off til the Hasbro Universe of movies gets off the ground. But the possibilities of the line are so wide open. Similar to the Star War Black model, you can do figures from the comic books, animated series, videogames, and movies! As well as my suggestion of "modern" interpretations of the figures. And, yes, that subtitle is my creation. But you KNOW it needs something strong for a subtitle! Come up with a better one word addition! Going slow in the initial waves, like SW Black did, we do 4 figure cases, and mix & match. Wave 1: SNAKE-EYES (80's Hasbro) ROADBLOCK (GI Joe Retaliation) SCARLETT (80's Hasbro) COBRA TROOPER (80's Hasbro) Wave 2: BARONESS (80's Hasbro) COBRA COMMANDER (80's Hasbro) DUKE (80's Hasbro) GRUNT (Modern Update)

Wave 3: MAJOR BLUDD (80's Hasbro) DUKE (GI Joe Retaliation) DESTRO (80's Hasbro) LADY JAYE (80's Hasbro)

Wave 4: SNAKE-EYES (Modern Update) COBRA OFFICER (80's Hasbro) STORM SHADOW (80's Hasbro) FLINT (80's Hasbro)

There are SO many character to choose from, with multiple versions of each-so forgive me if I didn't get your choice in. I figure going with the nostalgia of the 80's line, but mixing in a unique figure from the movie or a modern interpretation of a character as well. Trying to make each case interesting. Plus, with many modern weapons made for Hasbro's Marvel Legends line, you've got accessories to start off with. But these ones could use even more! Since these were originally put together in the 80's, maybe so weapons should be updated as well, with the major changes in the Modern Update versions. And just imagine the "army building" for your Marvel Legends as well!


Now, I had originally planned on this being just one article. But between the point I first started putting this together six months or so ago, it's gotten a little larger than I expected. Guess I'm dreaming big! Plus, with recent rumblings about Hasbro's possible/likely 40th anniversary The Empire Strikes Back line being leaked, and GI Joe & Jazwares licensing, as well as a possible first series list dropped and the Snake-Eyes movie due later this year, I figure this needed to go out soonest! So I'll see about getting the other part out very soon... especially with the American International Toy Fair coming up quickly! Until then, let me know what you think of my wishes so far. Click my name below to email me. Be Seeing You... RANDY


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