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Randy Here... and let's talk about toys that we hope for.

With the 2020 American International Toy Fair in New York City coming up RIGHT NOW (I will return to the Javitts again one day!) and it quickens a toy fan/collector's heart. Hope rises that a new license will be announced, or a version of a character close to your heart makes its debut. And hope's not a bad thing.

Years (as in decades) ago, I used to do an annual list of toys I'd like to see made, during the up-coming year, aka "Randy's List of Toys that MUST Be Made!" And in remembering not only the list, but the fact that many of my suggestions actually DID get made over time, has led to resurrecting this old idea.

So, who wants to see the REST of my wish list? I thought so! Here's Part 1!


Marvel Legends (Hasbro)

The Marvel Legends lines continues on, full charge, with no signs of stopping. Hasbro has found it's mix of comic, comic classic, videogame, and movie versions, allowing for a variety of choice to please (most) fans. Now that Disney has acquired the X-Men from Fox, I think, in the interim between the next X-films, we get some movie versions from the last two decades!

*Movie Cable (DEADPOOL 2) *Movie Domino (DEADPOOL 2) *Movie Deadpool (DEADPOOL 2) (Multiple Heads) *Berzerker Logan (LOGAN) *X-24 (LOGAN) *Quake (“Agents of SHIELD") *Agent Phil Coulson(“Agents of SHIELD") *Cable X-uniform (Comic) *Domino 90's X-Force (Comic) *J. Jonah Jameson (Comic)

We damn well need Formerly Fox X figures! (Don't look at me like that, Jesse!) Deadpool is OBVIOUSLY very popular, so why not make more? Right up there with DP... Wolverine! Plus, how about some love for "Agents of SHIELD"? Give people a chance to get Coulson who missed the old TRU 3 pack. Plus, between the Chameleon head and the MCU Klaue body, J. Jonah is TOO DAMN EASY not to do!

Marvel 2-Pack *Agent Peggy Carter 2-Pack (CAPTAIN AMERICA-THE FIRST AVENGER & “Agent Carter”)

*Old Man Logan & X-23 (LOGAN) Marvel Vehicle Pack

The Folks at NECA have created more ALIENS figures than I ever expected them to! I will ALWAYS hold out hope for them to make all of the Colonial Marines. That being sad I'd LOVE to see at least these 3 be made. Add to that Bishop II from ALIEN 3, since they already have done Biship prior. And how can you do the Kenner honor line without never-seen-on-screen O'Malley figure?!

*O'Malley (Kenner) *Bishop II (ALIEN 3) *Sgt. Al Apone (ALIENS) *Pvt. Mark Drake (ALIENS) *Cpl. Cynthia Dietrich (ALIENS)

The Kurt Russell Movie Collection (NECA)

Really-is there any other choice to make Iconic Actor Kurt Russell into his own line of figures than NECA?! While I originally wanted Snake Plissken 7 in scale figure (sorry-the 8" clothed figures aren't my scene except...SEE BELOW), but realized that we need all of Russell's 80's glory! YES, this is a dream and a licensing nightmare. But if enough of us dream it...

*S.D. “Snake” Plissken *A.J. MacReady *Jack Burton

Dawn of the Dead 8" Clothed figure (NECA)

As I said earlier, the 8" Clothed figure line is not my thing. BUT I have a minor obsession with the idea that, in a dream I had, there was a line of MEGO figures from George Romero's classic zombie film! I have a VIVID image (in my mind) of a Mego 1979 Toy Fair catalog page with a kid playing with six or so figures, a WGON Helicopter vehicle, AND a Monroevill mall playset - with "working fountain". I know they wouldn't go THAT far, but how about the main four survivors, NECA?! PLEASE?!?! *Stephen *Francine *Peter *Roger And there definitely a few zombies and bikers that would make an excellent Series 2.

***** So there you have it. My dream toys... at the moment. Already got some new ideas... Now I anxiously await the reveals of the American International Toy Fair in New York City... and I think there's already a few rumors that match my list! Be seeing you! RANDY


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