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Randy's Wish List for 2022 Part 2!

Randy here... and boy time has slipped away from me!

I honestly hoped to have this done and posted much sooner... like a WEEK later!

THAT didn't happen. But I'm still not done wishing, so if you will indulge me.once again, here is Part 2 of...

Randy's List of "Toys That MUST Be Made" in 2022!

GI JOE (Hasbro)

I'll admit to having fallen HARD into this line, FAR more than I expected when announced. And while the issues about releasing them and many being exclusive. the line seems to continue to grow in popularity.

  • "Greenshirts"

  • GI Joe/COBRA Accessory sets.

This may seem odd, with a team of specialized military experts, but have you SEEN how many types of troops COBRA has?! The Joes will get overwhelmed! Plus, they've actually shown up in the cartoons and comics before. I see this as a lover price-point figure, because most of it would be made with previous parts. I'm thinking Flint's lower legs in camo., Clutch's boots and upper body (but not armor), the web gear from Outback or modified Flint web gear (without the armor plates-so he can move!), and the rifle and pistol/holster combo from Duke & M4 CQB with the Deluxe Snake-Eyes. And BECAUSE so much is reuse, these figures would come with multiple heads and hands! I'd go with 3 heads, white, black, and one that would be a full helmet. For the hands, I'd also want white, black and gloved.

While putting together the Greenshirt idea, I realized that you can never have too many accessories for your Joes and COBRA Troopers! More common in the 80's, the idea of accessory packs seems to be making a comeback, with companies like NECA even boosting the contents. This is simply doing one set for GI Joe and another for COBRA. They've established a distinct look for each of the weapons and accessories for each side already. You can never have too many battle rifles, holsters & pistols, binoculars, knives & sheaths. and helmets. This is an easy one to do Hasbro... plus, you can also sell them on Hasbro Pulse!

INDIANA JONES (Hasbro) When I do these lists, I take notes all through the year with my possible ideas. With the work on Indiana Jones 5 started, I KNEW that this had to be part of my "Wish List". I just made too much sense that figures would be made. Then at the beginning of 2022, Hasbro announced that they had acquired the license. The same company that did them in 2009... and even owned the company that made them in 1982. So, I KNOW what this means - 6 inch scale INDIANA JONES movie figures are GOING to happen! Calling it NOW.

I'm thinking that they's do , prior to the fifth movie's release in early 2023, an line of "classic" figures. So why not start with the classic that started it all 40+ years ago?

  • Indiana Jones (RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK)

  • Rene Belloq-Jungle (RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK)

  • Marion Ravenwook-Nepal (RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK)

  • Indiana Jones-Desert Disguise (RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK)



But do want to REALLY excite collectors and retailers? Make the Build-A-Figure a "Preview" Indiana Jones from INDIANA JONES 5!

That'll start the line off with a bang!

And like the way Hasbro did the movie 3 3/4 in figures in 2008, I think the line will continue with mixed assortments for all 5 movies, but this time in 6 in scale. It simply fits too well with previous patterns of Marvel Legends, Star Wars Black series, GI Joe Classified, Power Rangers Lightning Force, etc. I think it's an absolute, but... we shall see!

GENERAL FIGURES Aka “Randy’s REALLY Personal Wish List Some figures I want to have made, simply don't fall under and particular line, Basically, stuff I'm sure only a few of us would really want.

  • Gabriel (MALIGNANT)

  • Gary King– New World (AT WORLD'S END)

In all honestly, they should make figures from Edgar Wright's entire Cornetto Trilogy! I mean, NECA has already done Shaun & Ed from Shaun of the Dead years ago, so let's bring him in to do Gary King, Post-Apocalypse Wanderer! Speaking of NECA, I can't think of anyone else that would perfectly fit making a figure of the villainous Gabriel from James Wan's absolutely BONKERS film Malignant. I really loved this film, which has divided a lot of viewers. Really - check it out! NECA's reputation for horror figures is too long for me to list here. They NEED to do Gabriel!


  • Herger The Joyous (THE 13TH WARRIOR)

  • Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan (THE 13TH WARRIOR)

  • Buliwyf The Leader (THE 13TH WARRIOR)

I love The 13th Warrior. I've loved it since I saw it in theater in 1999... THREE times! I've put it on my "Toys That MUST Be Made!" list for 20+ years now. And that has not changed! YES, I would love to see ALL the 13 warriors made as action figures, especially Edghto the Silent and Rethel the Archer. But I'd be happy with the lead three warriors: Ibn, Herger and Bulivyf: I'd definitely want figures of them all from the first battle in the film, resplendent in their unique armors. I also want a two-pack of Ibn and Herger from the final battle of the film. Since they've been killing it with their own unique line of fantasy figures, I think the Four Horsemen Design would be a grand choice to do these as their first licensed line of figures! C'mon guys - you'd KILL IT!

"Lo do I see my father..."


And FINALLY my 2022 Wish List is done - for now! You can check out Part 1 HERE. I always think this list will be easy to do, but I always want to talk more, add better photos, give a larger variety of choices. Mayble I'll be more timely in 2023...

Thanks for reading and indulging my wishes. But if you don't say your wishes outloud, how can they be manifested? We'll show how I do next year. For now...

Be Seeing You, RANDY

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