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Randy's thoughts on the upcoming "Yo JOE" June!

Randy here.

June has been the month that Hasbro has highlighted it's Gi Joe line with "Yo JOE" June announcements and reveals.

The big one to be revealed in June is (likely)the GI Joe Classified HasLab.

Hasbro hasn't been coy with its intentions, with a series of coded messages from GI Joe and COBRA about an upcoming project for GI Joe. Some examples:

The clues have lead many to various theories on what the HasLab will be. That also includes me in the mix- I "blame" the fine folks over at What's on Joe Mind (WOJM) for going through their own ideas.

My breakdown of HasLab possibilities:

Dragonfly Helicopter - 50%

Mauler Tank - 30%

VAMP with Weapon Systems- 15%

Snow Cat - 5%

Let's take a closer look:

Between the description by Storm Shadow. of "...swift and agile, with significant firepower..." and "...significant counter-strike capabilities," it seems like the GI JOE teams needs a flying tank-killer. THAT would the Dragonfly.

I've been thinking the Dragonfly would be the next HasLab since I posted my "Randy Toys that MUST BE MADE!" a few months ago. As I mentioned there, between the fact that the real-world AH-1 got upgraded recently, and the helicopter length can be almost halved by breaking the vehicle at the end of the tail rotor, this feels right.

Many other people and website have pointed out the "24" recurring in the messages and only shows up on the Dragonfly. So this has been the strongest contender for the HasLab. Plus- how ELSE are we gonna get ourselves a Wild Bill figure!

When you've to take on an enemy tank, why not send another tank against it? While the MOBAT seems the obvious choice from as the first tank from the classic RAH line, the Mauler comes across as something more exciting in design.

VAMP: The VAMP is a classic vehicle from the Real American Hero era, and one of the earliest vehicles released. But as cool as it is, it doesn't fill the role of something to battle a HISS Tank. It's possible that additional goals of the Mobile Missile System (MMS) and Heavily Artillery Laser (HAL) would help with that. But it just doesn't feel like the way to go. Plus, Clutch already came out with the RAM Cycle.

Yeah, this is a real longshot. This came to mind mostly for the fact that upcoming thematic elements are going for snow elements with the COBRA Valkyries, Scrap Iron, Arctic B.A.T and Snow Job figures coming this year. But I don't think the Snow Cat has the firepower to take on a HISS.

Along with the HasLab, I imagine that we'll be getting a whole bunch of figure reveals and pre-orders. While there have been plenty of leaked lists of characters and codenames, I'm still looking forward actual confirmations from the Hasbro Joe Team.

With Comic Con International in San Diego coming up quickly, I would figure we'll see an SDCC exclusive or shared exclusive with Hasbro Pulse.

While I know the political climate isn't favorable for it, I will ALWAYS hold out hope for Oktober Guard figures!

Be Seeing You! RANDY

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