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Randy's Bits and Pieces from SDCC 2023!

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Randy here!

And Comic Con Interational in San Diego 2023 has now wrapped!

I've heard that with the presence of "Hollywood" removed due to the on-going WGA & SAG/AFTRA strike (PAY THE WRITERS!), that some panels were smaller than usual, that the con floor was still packed. Comic Con was doing fine before Hollywood invaded, and it certainly is moving along fine without it.

While I wasn't there, I've managed to pick up some bits of info along the way that interested me... so I think you all might be interested too!

  • NECA showed not only the Ultimate Dog Creature from John Carpenter's The Thing, but Version 3 of MacReady-Final Stand was revealed... along with the release for both of them scheduled for September of this year!

  • I knew NECA had gotten the Peter Weller likeness for their recent Robocop figures. I did NOT expect them to use that to make a Detroit Police Officer Alex Murphy figure! And it come with enough extra gore parts to make the battle-DESTROYED Murphy in all of its full R-rated gl-orey! No release date given.

  • NECA's The Miner from My Bloody Valentine (1981) looks really nice... and would be a pretty good base body for some Peter and Roger custom figures from Dawn of The Dead (1978),

  • While Hasbro didn't show the Droidekas for Star War Black series, I think it's a smart choice, and a proper used of the Deluxe category. (I KNEW I should have put them on my list from a couple of days ago)

  • -The Marvel Legends Marvel Knights wave will NOT BE SOLD at Target and Walmart. So if you want them, preorder or purchase them elsewhere. But JUST THE MARVEL KNIGHTS WAVE!

  • -Emily said during the GI Joe Classified Panel that they expect the shipping issues to be caught up with by around January 2024. But also, expect a heavy showing of GI Joe Classified figures and products this fall as a result.

  • With the return of the plastic packaging to Hasbro figures, there now looks to be a continuation of the Retro Classified line. And YES, with thicker card stock is happening!

  • DAMN if that GI Joe Classified VAMP doesn't look pretty badass! Gonna be VERY interesting to see what the SRP will be for it? Definitely gonna need that Ripper figure.

  • The SDCC exclusive Deadpool/HYDRA Bob Marvel Legends set WILL be going up on Hasbro Pulse shortly for sale, likely this week. Keep an eye out if you want one!

  • A last parting shot of the Con floor by DanYun of Hasbro of some future Marvel Legends female figures...

And that's a wrap from San Diego Comic Con 2023! Thanks for checking us out and we'll have more news and wrapups this week!

Be Seeing You, Randy
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