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SDCC 2023 - Randy's hopes for reveals at Comic Con!

Randy here... and it's that's time - COMIC CON 2023! Er, I mean, "Comic Con International in San Diego"... as was drilled into Toygodd and I, as part of the Media at the con. Ah, the good ol' days of AFT roaming the halls of Comic Con, meeting fans & friends, finding new companies to shoot, and generally causing mayhem.

Sadly, again, I won't be attending SDCC

But here are some quick thoughts and hope at what I hope we'll see announced at the toy companies' booths and panels. These are just my thoughts, with no prior info guiding me. Just my gut!

Marvel Legends -"Patch" Wolverine
-Elektra in Red Outfit (John Romita Jr Style)
-Spy Wolverine

I mean Hasbro JUST put the Joe Fixit for preorder! Hasbro already DID a "Patch" head with the Wolverine and motorcycle set, and the Indiana Jones Adventure Series Club Obi-Wan Indy figure is RIGHT THERE! So much so that I did a quick mock-up of what Patch could look like-You're Welcome! While the ML Daredevil 3 Pack already came with the Elektra, she was in her white outfit. I want her in the classic red outfit, as well as the "big hair"/ John Romita Jr. (like his "Man Without Fear" series) head. It's RIGHT THERE! I don't know why, but the Spy Wolverine has been bugging me for months now. I mean, I've picked up some extra knives to add, once find a body for a custom. THAT means, Hasbro is gonna come out with it! (Right Jesse? PLEASE?)

Star Wars Black Series -Imperial Super Commando (The Mandalorian"/"The Book of Boba Fett) -KX Enforcers ("The Mandalorian")
-Jedi Master Luke Skywalker-Crait (The Last Jedi)

You can NEVER go wrong with armored figures as far as Star Wars fans and Hasbro execs know. The MOMENT the Imperial Super Commandos showed up on Mandalore Season 3 of "The Mandalorian", these jumped onto everyone's list of figures to be made. Speaking of Mandalore, the flashback to "The Night of a Thousand Tears" on Mandalore was wonderfully nightmarish, a fever dream of Star Wars meeting The Terminator. And the KX security droids led the charge. This is an EASY thing for Hasbro to put together with a slight change in paint ops and the E-22 blaster you made for the Shoretroooper Squad Leader. With no movie anniversaries, I hope for some movie figures that are primary variants, and I want the younger projected version of Luke on Crait.

Indiana Jones Adventure Series Indiana Jones (Nepa) Marion Ravenwood (Nepal) Belloq (Peru) German Mechanic

Okay, this might be a longshot for a line extension of the Indiana Jones Adventure series. But I really think we could use at least one more assortment, especially for Raiders of the Lost Ark. A version of Indy from Nepal would be a modification of the first Indy, add a like snow flocking, new gloved hands, and indy's secondary Browning FN Hi-Power pistol. While I appreciate replicating Marion from the Cairo chase originally made by Kenner, that's not the one I remember. It was her whiskey-shooting bar owner in Nepal that was burned into my mind. We need THAT version. I NEVER understood why the only Belloq figure has been the "Ceremonial Robers" from near the end of the picture. So let's go for another short scene outfit- Jungle Explorer Belloq! Finally, I realize we live in a world where making action figures of Nazi soldiers is problematic- AT BEST, Indy DOES still need someone to fight. Cue the burly German Mechanic... a figure made several times since 1981!

Prey Naru & Sarii

C'mon, NECA! You've shown the Predator from the movie, but he NEEDS to FIGHT someone! There HAS to be a reveal of a Naru figure... and she better come with her faithful canine friend Sarii. Maybe even a "battle-damaged" Naru? If you don't believe me, then do it for Bryan Fuller - He agrees with me!

Hot Toys -John Wick (John Wick Chapter 4)
-Caine (John Wick Chapter 4)
-High Table Enforcers (John Wick Chapter 4)

Hot Toys has already shown they have the license, so this HAS to be shown soon! I figure it would be him from the last act of the movie. Arm him with the Taran Tactical Innovations Pit Viper pistol and the TTI Dracarys Gen-12 auto shotgun with Dragon's Breath incendiary rounds (and muzzle effects). You can even throw in a samurai sword and nunchucks from The Continental-Osaka fight. This movie also has a fine antagonist in the form of Caine. So, give him a fine suit, removable sunglasses, his modified SIG-Sauer P365 SAS, and sword cane-maybe even some door-bell sensors! Unique to Japan, the High Table Enforcers would be able to face off against Wick and Cain. The closest thing we have to an "army builder" in the Continental Universe.

And that's what I got. It's late as I finish this and the first news from SDCC is coming out.

We'll see how close I was soon enough!

BE SEEING YOU! Randy (of Ask Randy)

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