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Randy's Predictions for Hasbro's "May the Fourth Be With You" Livestream

Randy here, and things in the realm of Hasbro's Star Wars line has been "...clouded by the Dark Side", at least in the Black Series.

I'm hoping the Tuesday, May 4 "Fan First Tuesday" stream really opens things up, since we've only had small reveals the last few livestreams. Don't get me wrong, there are some great figures coming out, across the SWU, making a lot of people happy. I'm just hoping for something BIG this time.

That being said, I figured I'd go use the Force to see if I could "uncloud" the future. We'll see in a few days if I'm even close to right.


I'm using the ten figure assortment that has been used on the previous Star Wars Retro figures:

  • JYN ERSO (Screen accurate & New head sculpt)

  • CASSIAN ANDOR (Screen accurate from 3 pack & New head sculpt)

  • K-2S0

  • CHIRRUT ÎMWE (New head sculpt)

  • BAZE MALBUS (New head sculpt)

  • BOHDI ROOK (New figure)

  • JYN ERSO-Imperial Disguise (New figure)

  • CASSIAN ANDOR-Imperial Disguise (New Figure)

  • GRAND MOFF TARKIN (Re-release)

  • DIRECTOR KRENNIC (New head sculpt)

  • SAW GERRERA (New Figure)

  • REBEL SOLDIER-Scarif (New figure)

I think the return of ROGUE ONE figures could also manifest itself in The Vintage Collection Line. This also give the chance to bring back the AT-ACT and U-Wing fighters.


Again, I brought this up in this year's "Toys That MUST Be Made" list... and I'm happy to see we're already on that way with the Bo-Katan Shryze just released and Koska Reeves already revealed. But with pretty much NOTHING released from Season 2 of "The Mandalorian", there HAS to be some new figures.

This was the list I originally posted:

While I think all of those are viable, I think the ones with the best chances are Marshall Cobb Vanth, Cleaned Up Armor Boba Fett, Vennec Shand, Ahsoka Tano, and Dark Trooper. The Boba Fett is a no-brainer, due to all the fan love, and use of parts can get us to a Marshall Vanth pretty quickly. Vennec Shand is also showing up in the animated "Bad Batch", so this seems like a smart move, plus, it gives you the last combatant from the attack on Moff Gideon ship from "The Jedi". Ahsoka is another fan favorite, and popular as an action figure, if the regular and Walmart exclusive versions are any indication! The Dark Trooper is THE army builder from the show! I also think a new "The Jedi" Madolorian with a Grogu, Beskar Spear and Dark Saber is possible, since it would mostly be reused parts. Long shot could be an "Imperial Disguise" Din Djanin and Mayfield due to parts reuse, as some kind of a store exclusive. (-shudder-)

Real long shot? The Mandalorian on his speeder/swoop bike.

But, like it or not, more Mandalorian figures ARE coming!

STAR WARS Vehicles

This where things get cloudy for me. I really think SOMETHING is coming for a vehicle, just can't figure out whether it's for the Black Series or for The Vintage Collection. Yeah, I made some guesses above. But I can't hone in on one. We got the Vintage Collection Razor Crest last year, but maybe it's time for something in the Black series. But I DO have a strange nagging thought during my Force meditations...

HasLab Star Wars Black Vehicle Slave 1

Just the odd, stray thought of mine... But we'll find out soon enough. Hasbro Pulse Stream is May the Fourth at 11am EST/8am PST: Fan First Tuesday: Star Wars Livestream

Be seeing you... and May The Force Be With You! RANDY

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