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Randy ruminates on the news of "secret" MCU movie in the works!

Randy here... with my digression from toys and action figures-for the moment Some very interesting movie news about a "secret" future MCU movie dropped today.

Collider recently broke the story of a top-secret Marve movie on the fast track to being in production next summer: THUNDERBOLTS!

VERY Interesting...

Director Jake Schreier

It wasn't hard to see that new and darker characters were being brought into the MCU over the past few years, several via Disney+ shows. I thought they'd go more towards the Dark Avengers, but they could be mixing the two storylines to do this one.

While the article mentioned that with Gen. Thaddeus "Thundebolt" Ross' William Hurt recentlydeceased, they were looking to recast. But making Julia Louis Dreyfus' Valentina the head of Thunderbolts would also work, as she's already been showing up in the MCU.

Based on the speculation from the Collider article, for the lineup, my thoughts...

  • U.S. Agent (Wyatt Russell) is obviously teed up, thanks to Valentina in Disney+'s Falcon & The Winter Soldier series.

  • Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh) maybe could be brought in, as someone mind-controlled, similar to the Dark Avenger comics.

  • Abomination (Tim Roth) is ABSOLUTELY teed up for the MCU, with him appearing in the upcoming Disney+ She-Hulk series.

  • Taskmaster (Olga Kurylenko) could either be taken at the same time as Yelena, or bring in someone new, like a guy to placate the whiners from Black Widow. Hell, just need to have that helmet and almost anyone could be Taskmaster.

  • Baron Helmut Zemo (Daniel Brühl) would be great addition... if you can break him outta Wakanda.

  • Ghost (Hannah John-Kamen) Huh. That could work, and be a character who changes sides when realizes what they're doing (The Mockingbird of the group)

  • Winter Soldier (Sebastion Stan)..NOPE. Not unless they bring him in to deal with the Thunderbolts. I think his bad guy days are done. Unless he's been tricked into it by... NO...



I just realized, loathed as many are here about the character's turn, you know who would make sense as the one running Thunderbolts?

Sharon Carter

While a lower tier character, Sharon Carter appeared in multiple MCU movies as well as her longest appearance in Falcon & The Winter Soldier. The character has worked for SHEILD then the CIA, before ending up in Madripoor during The Snap. When we left her, Carter was in a prime position after being pardoned, being able to return to the US, and returning to a position in the CIA. Sharon Carter would make a excellent leader of a new government controlled superhero team. Time, and Disney & Marvel Studios will tell. Actually, with D23 EXPO 2022. coming in September, perhaps we'll get that info sooner! And don't forget: If the Thunderbolts are coming, I'm betting the Young Avengers slowly getting built as well. I'll get back to toys soon enough.

Be seeing you! RANDY

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