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Randy Reviews MONDO's Man-Thing vinyl figure!

Randy here!

Been a while since I did a review. This kind of figure isn't my regular kind of thing... man (Sorry!) Toygodd has always been the vinyl expert on AFTimes. He's the longest running cheerleader for vinyl figures to whomever he talks to TG love vinyl figures before it was cool! But late last year, Mondo offered me one for review and seeing the art design of it, I happily said Yes to it. It was simply too cool to turn down! Here's what Mondo says about it:

"Emerging from the swamp, it's Marvel's Man-Thing! This exciting collaboration with famed toy Designer James Groman (Madballs, Kaiju Killer, King Korpse) brings his unique style to full display with this limited edition Man-Thing Soft Vinyl Figure. With 3 Points of articulation, this massive 12 inch tall figure is a sight to behold. James poured so much thought into this sculpture that you can get lost in the details for hours." Much as they may look a little blown out, I think the effect fits perfectly with the feel of Marvel's Man-Thing. Sun glinting off of it, giving it a hazy, surreal feel upon first gazing at the creature of the swamp.

Getting it out of the package you get the first sense just how massive and brawny this vinyl figure is. It is a beefy... vegetable!

I kept thinking that this would be more statuesque in nature, than figure. But I was proved wrong by the 3 points of articulation: Shoulders and head. Though the hips look like they could move as well (Try at your own risk!) It may not be as poseable as Hot Toys figures or even Mondo's Wolverine & Batman figures, but it's ALL about the details. It's immediately obvious that designer James Groman went for a much more stylized version of Man-Thing than writers Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, and Gerry Conway & artist Gray Morrow originally conceived.

The Man-Thing is PACKED with detail! The Water Moccasin wrapped around its right leg really caught my eye first. The texturing of the scale and rich color of it made it stand out.

I didn't even catch the needed embedded in its arms until I was moving it around. I really am digging the gaping hole in the right arm, where two might branches split off. The growing tree and the field of mushrooms shows itself as a force of Nature and life. Beautifully painted to seem like it was a patch that just lifted off the ground and placed upon it. A skull tangled up in his body makes a grim reminder and warning to those that cross it.

I would tell you to order one, but like the Psychedelic and Pen & Ink Man-Thing variants, this version Man-Thing is currently SOLD OUT on MONDO's site. But you can always put yourself up to be notified if they're restocked. Check out MONDO's Shop.

And I couldn't help but get the Man-Thing outside for some shots of it in a natural setting. These are some of my favorites that I shot. Thanks again to MONDO for sending me one for review. Be seeing you, RANDY

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