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Happy Holidays from Randy!

Merry Christmas!

Happy Hannakah!

Joyous Kwanza!

Bountiful Solstice!

Chipper Boxing Day!

Randy here for Christmastime 2019.

I continue forward, with Phase 3 in my life now enacted. I now look at how to start rebuilding my person empire... possibly on the bones of those that have opposed me. That's still up for debate... The changes in my life have pulled me away, but I'm posting more and with renewed vigor as we mark our 25th year of publication. I've got a couple of articles that I'm planning on posting before the end of the year... and even more with the new decade beginning with 2020.

I wouldn't nor would the rest of us be here without AFTimes faithful readers. I will always be grateful for the continued support. This site has gone through some of the greatest eras of the toy industry, from both looking in from the outside and down in the thick of it. And you've all come with us during that ride. Thank you.

My grateful and continued thanks to Crowmaniac & Head Ginger and Cap'n Jack & My Banana, Foam Smithy & his lady and The Wonder Twins +1, The Mad Scientist & The Mad Artist, NinjaLawyer, Liam of the Mountains, Gryphon & DB, Scobus and The Woman, Kricki & Duckman, CrimsonRatt and his lady +1, AJ, Scarina's Vault, and Dalia Hamm of Twitter, Lady Tiamat, DaisyBalance, Lady Morningstar, ZombieQueen, WarriorGeek & WarriorMom, Robin & Rose, Dizney Chick & Raw Dawg, Oddbatt, El Pinko Grande, and Den. And special thanks to Umpire for all his hard work keeping the alive and going strong, Toygodd who may have stepped away from AFTimes, but his presence is always here, and Realistikk and SithLord229 for their continued videos and reviews for the site.

A long day, with family, food, and fun is almost over, so it's time to say my goodnights. Give thanks for what you have, and have hope that more will come in the new year. All me best to you all. Be seeing you... very soon!


PS-I'm thinking an old end-of-the-year tradition of mine might have to make an appearance once more. Check back around New Year's Eve...

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