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Randy Knows What Is Good in Life-Super7's CONAN THE BARBARIAN line!

Randy here, and this is a lovely surprise! If you've followed me for any length of time, you know how much I love John Milius' fantasy epic, Conan the Barbarian. It is easily one of the best fantasy films made, as well as a deeply ingrained memory, seeing it with my father on opening day back in May of 1982.

In the nearly 40 years since it's release, there's been little in the way of licensed merchandise ever released. NECA did a great job, releasing three series of figures (Series 1: War Paint Conan and Pit Fighter Conan; Series 2: Pit Fighter V2 Conan, and Series 3: Temple of the Serpent Conan), as well as SDCC "bronze" Conan exclusive back in 2008 (of which I own Pit Fighter Version 2 of Conan!). But nothing new has been released by anyone for more than a decade... until now.

Super7 showed a prototype of Conan over the summer at Power-Con 2019 to taunt us (more on that later), and now has put a SET of four figures up for pre-order!

From SUPER7: "Charging out of the 1982 cinematic juggernaut! The slave turned warrior hero Conan faces off with Thulsa Doom and his lieutenants Rexor and Thorgrim again in the Super7 Ultimates world!

Each Ultimate Figure stands 7-inches tall and will come with interchangeable accessories straight outta the Hyborian Age and come packaged in a deluxe slip case-style box!

This made-to-order release will be open to pre-order until Tuesday, December 31st!"

But unlike previous releases, Conan is not alone!

For the first time, Conan's archnemises Thulsa Doom and his lieutenants Rexor and Thorsgrim are being made into action figures!

These are some fine figures and accessories, though the face sculpts could use some tweaking, especially Conan. I expect some changes between these and releases and Nov. 2020, as the Four Horsemen do some of the best work out there. What is interesting to me is that when Super7 first previewed at Power-Con 2019 last August, they showed Conan... but not the one on pre-order! It was more like the Temple of the Servant figure. Make me wonder if Subotai and Valeria figures might be in the future...

But for now, The Preorder for the Ultimate Conan The Barbarians figures can be found on the Super 7 website here, as well as online retailers like Entertainment Earth.

I don't know about you, but this was a pleasant surprise. And I have GOT to get me a Thulsa Doom - at the least! Course, if Super7 would like to send me a set for review, I would be quite happy to do so! We'll see what's coming up from from Super7 and other toy companies before the end of the year... Be seeing you, Randy of AFTimes

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