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Randy Looks at the ACTION FORCE Kickstarter!

Randy here! I've collected a lot of lines and scales over the years (SO MANY years!), but I've found myself settling into the 6" or 1/12 scale lines most recently. This falls predominately into Hasbro's Star Wars Black Series and Marvel Legends, as well as some slightly larger NECA Aliens, Predator and other movie lines. I've also collected plenty of military figures in the 1/6 lines from the likes of Dragon, 21st Century, BBi, and more. But besides Plan B's Modern Special Forces and WWII Special Forces lines of almost two decades ago (which were so great), there really hasn't been any military figures in the 6 in scale. I find that surprising as the company doing the most main stream work is Hasbro-who owns GI Joe!

Valaverse is looking to fill that gap, with their latest Kickstarter for ACTION FORCE.

I found them during their earlier Kickstarter campaign for 1/12 military figures, which was not fully funded, But this Kickstarter campaign for ACTION FORCE has been going strong, and is already funded-with a week to go til completion, on Sunday-November 17 2019 10:00 PM EST.

According to Valaverse, "There will be 3 figures available for the initial fund goal along with two different accessory packs. Additional figures and accessory packs will be available as stretch goals are unlocked."

The initial lineup of 3 figures are: Condor, Steel Bridage, and Bone Collector (as seen above, L-R). More figures, including several female characters can be unlocked with Stretch Goals

This figures are looking very well-built, with them having 36 pts of articulation, incl. "butterfly" joints for the arms, and double-jointed knees. You can see the breakdown below, as well as comparisions to the different companie's 1/12 or equivalent scales.

So not only do these figures look sharp on their own, but fit in well with most 1/12 figure lines-which is never a bad thing.

Personally, I'd like to pick up Condor, along with the Weapons Pack; nothing like a fine variety of arms for your soldiers... and other lines of figures. But I'm hoping a few of the Stretch Goals get opened before the end, like Eclipse and Pandora.

Even if they don't get unlocked, it's obvious that they have plenty more figures ready for future sale or crowdfunding campaign. They aren't going away anytime soon, by the looks of it.

I don't have any connection with Valaverse, and I'm not even a backer - yet! (C'mon paycheck!) But as with all that I post in my column, I think they're cool, and always with AFTimes, we like to show support to the smaller companies out there, just trying to make cool toys.

So give'em a look and decide for yourself: ACTION FORCE Kickstarter Campaign.

Now I want to dig out my old Plan B figures while I wait... Be seeing you, RANDY

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