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Holiday Thoughts from Randy!

Merry Christmas!

Happy Hannakah!

Joyous Kwanza!

Bountiful Solstice!

Chipper Boxing Day!

Randy here-and back for Christmastime 2017.

Things have been still been tough, but there were moments of feeling like I am starting to move forward again. Even if it is in a job I'm not thrilled about having, it's good to have something steady, along with semi-steady income. Some irons in the fire for even bigger changes in the new year to come. Here's hoping. AFTimes saw changes as well, with a new look and feel. Thanks to Umpire, the transition has been relatively smooth, which all of us appreciate. Having only limited access to the old site made posting more of chore. Now it's smooth as can be! More to come from us, as we are still up and publishing for 23 years now! I am always greatful for the continued support of those who read AFTimes. Without you all, I'm just typing into the Void.I'm...NOT... am I? Hopefully, you'll stay with me and the rest of AFtimes into 2018 and beyond! My grateful and continued thanks to Foam Smithy & his lady and The Wonder Twin +1, The Mad Scientist & The Mad Artist, NinjaLawyer,, Liam of the Mountains, Gryphon & DB, Scobus and Sugart*ts, Kricki & Duckman, CrimsonRatt and his lady, AJ of Twitter, Lady Tiamat, DaisyBalance, Lady Morningstar, ZombieQueen, WarriorGeek & WarriorMom, Robin & Rose, Dizney Chick & Raw Dawg, Oddbatt, El Pinko Grande, and Den. And special thanks to Umpire for all his hard work keeping the alive and going during the transition, Toygodd who may have stepped away from AFTimes, but his presence is always here, and Realistikk and SithLord229 for their continued videos and reviews for the site.

Now the hour of the Claus is almost upon us. Rest yourselves and I hope you recieve all the toys you want! Be seeing you... into 2018!


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