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NECA has caught IT!

Randy here!

So between Hurricane Irma and HASCON, a little bit of toy news you might have missed came in a Tweet from NECA on Friday:

NECA has It!

Fans of Stephen King's iconic villain Pennywise have been waiting for an official figure since the miniseries in 1990, when Tim Curry brought the monster to life. NECA has been the most popular choice to do figures of the famous creature. We'll see if this includes the miniseries version, as well as the movie version. Hopefully we'll know more before Toy Fair 2018 perhaps, even NYCC. With the film smashing records with an opening weekend of $117 million in the US alone, you can expect a sequel to It to be fast-tracked into production. Having seen it myself, It is a great film, well worth seeing!

More info to come! Be seeing you, RANDY

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