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What SDCC revealed about the X-Men '97 series and a look at the Marvel Legends X-Men!

Hey guys, Realistikk here. So I've been waiting and waiting for the news about the new X-Men animated series, X-Men '97! Now, unfortunately, there wasn't much revealed at SDCC, not the release date we were expecting, nor even a trailer (well, there was a trailer, but the only viewers of course, were the fortunate people who got to attend the panel-and I've only heard good things.)

So hopefully in the coming days, us thirsty fans (for X men that is) will get some footage to view. But I was excited to hear about the new confirmed character reveals! So far we know of Magneto, (a pregnant!) Jean Gray, Cyclops, Sunspot, Storm, Gambit, Forge, Cable, Bishop, Morph, and my personal favorite, Nightcrawler being in the series! The panel also revealed that they have already finished season one and season two is in the works. Let's just hope that this series will come out next January 2024 by the latest, so we don't have to keep waiting!

As if that wasn't enough fangirl fodder, it looks like I am definitely going to need the entire series of X-Men Marvel Legends that are coming out as well. Here's a look at them here. Especially excited to see storm in all her mohawk glory again!

They're also offering a Magneto role-play helmet for the hefty price tag of $99.99, which is available on and Another must-have that I think is super cool, are the Wolverine retractable Adamantium claws. They retail for $22.99 and are definitely more of a kids toy, not like a real looking prop, but would be great for conventions where they don't let you bring in sharp weapons.


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