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Botcon's Dinoforce figures combine to form Dinostorm! Only available at Botcon 8/24-8/27!

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Botcon is having a convention in East Rutherford, New Jersey, this Thursday through Sunday, 8/24 through 8/27! They boast exclusives, celebrity guests, panels, and a huge sales floor! Right smack dab in the middle of New Jersey's own American Dream theme park mall!

In case you've never attended a Botcon, they always have unique toys that are made for that specific convention. This time, they are going to have combiner figures which combine to form Dinostorm, a huge dinosaur! The four figures, Magma, Smolder, Slagge, and Spot, are actually robot dogs-and who doesn't love a robot dog? (except for, of course, when they are on New York's police force)

Now, the fact that these canines can combine to form a huge dinosaur is definitely an impressive feat, and a Transformers first!

My favorite combiners and souvenir figures of this convention, are Spot:


Rodimouse: (who comes with a little computer mouse sidekick dude? Yes, please!)

and Scales:

Scales, actually, seems to be the car that transforms into a dinosaur, and the little baby dinosaur seems to be his sidekick, but I wanted to use the photo with him in the forefront just to highlight the fact that he was super cool!

Well, I will be covering Botcon for you guys this week, so stay tuned for more posts and YouTube videos @ !

See you soon!

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