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Threezero: MDLX Starscream & Sideswipe in super-articulated form available on pre-order!

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Available for pre-order is my favorite Decepticon, actually, my favorite transformer of all time, Starscream, and one of my favorite autobots, Sideswipe. Screamer stands at 7.8 inches, (20 cm) comes with two interchangeable face plates, four pairs of hands, two null rays, two blades, and a removable back wing system, which can actually be attached to the MDLX Optimus Prime figure to replicate the episode when Starscream pretended to be Optimus Prime. He also has about 50 points of articulation. I'm sold.

Now onto Autobot Sideswipe. He boasts about 40 points of articulation, comes in standing at 6 inches tall, and has a weathered look that threezero is known for. Accessories include one Shoulder Cannon, one Laser Blaster, and five sets of interchangeable hands including piston parts.

Sideswipe looks striking in his superman pose, and that beautiful red paint application. These pictures definitely make me want to pre-order these figures, because I just want to start posing these guys immediately! Just add these guys to the list of toys that Mandy can't afford but wants to buy them anyway! These guys are available on pre-order right now!

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