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NECA: R.J. MacReady figure from THE THING revealed!

You DO NOT KNOW how much I want this figure! OKAY, you *do* if you read my Randy's Wishlist for 2020! Now, I'm hoping the final figure face sculpt is a little closer to Kurt Russell than the color ad shows. Based on the greyscale turnarounds of the head, I'm thinking it will! It's gonna be dependent on the paint ops, I'll be. Also, if tough to read, it says at the bottom: "Includes 3 interchangeable heads, hat, goggles, bottle, lantern, shotgun, and more." Here's hoping "and more" means pistol and gunbelt, and ESPECIALLY the flamethrower! Imma gonna NEED this... maybe two of them! From NECA:

“Here’s the thing…we would like to wish a very Happy 70th Birthday to Kurt Russell”

Ultimate MacReady (Outpost 31) Coming this Summer"

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