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HasLab: GI Joe Classified HISS Tank funded - and first Upgrade revealed!

Well, THAT went fast!

The HasLab GI Joe Classified HISS Tank project reached it's minimum of 8,000 backers in less than 12 hours! This means the project will go through production, as well as the Early-Bird Special Offering Cobra H.I.S.S. Tactician Figure:

will come will with the vehicle for ALL backers, along with the HISS Driver figure. This first Upgrade will get added when it hits 10,000 backers. And since the amount is currently at more than 9200 backers, this is likely to be broken QUITE soon! From Hasbro Pulse: "Congratulations, citizens of Earth! You’ve passed the firsssst step in proving your devotion to me, Cobra Commander, by successsssfullly funding our #HasLab Cobra H.I.S.S. campaign! And you did it so well that everyone who backs the project from now until the end of the campaign, will get the Cobra H.I.S.S. vehicle, H.I.S.S. Driver action figure, AND the H.I.S.S. Tactician figure. But now that we’ve surpasssssed 8,000 backers, let’s see how the campaign can offer a little added value. I, Cobra Commander, would like to direct my attention to the fans who want a little more “bang” for their buck.

The Double Diablo Cannon accessories on your standard H.I.S.S. are indeed formidable, but Destro and Sssscrap Iron have been cooking up some potential upgrades. If the H.I.S.S. project reaches 10,000 backers before the campaign ends, you unlock CLASSIFIED UPGRADE #1 – two removable, side-mounted missile racks which telescope out from the H.I.S.S. vehicle. Each rack holds 6 MALHISS missile accesssssories! The Weapons Accessory Pack Upgrade is a perfect addition to your H.I.S.S. fleet and is sure to wreak havoc with the forcessss of G.I. Joe. But keep those orders coming, my friendssss, and we’ll see what else Cobra Commander can unearth for you

Time is limited! This HasLab campaign will run until August 15, 2022. Back the G.I. Joe Cobra H.I.S.S. for $299.99/£299.99 UK/€349.99 DE on #HasbroPulse. See for more details!

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