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Hasbro: Final hours to back the HasLab GI Joe Classified HISS Tank tick away!

With it at just shy of 24,000 backers, the HasLab enters its final hours. Which means we get one last push to back it by Hasbro... and Cobra Commander! (And if anyone wants to get me a HISS Tank as a later Christmas 2023 present, I'd appreciate it!)

From Hasbro Pulse: "It's the last day to back my mosssst monstrous and devasssstating machination yet! The G.I. Joe Classssssified Cobra H.I.S.S. #HasLab campaign ends tonight at 11:59pm ET! For thosssse of you who have already backed my incredible creation, I have a little treat. For the sssslackers out there still sitting on the fence, let thissss be a final incentive for action! It is I, #CobraCommander, in a most glorioussss colored render reveal of my action figure form! As a reminder, this ressssplendent reflection of me is inspired by the rare missssprinted variant of my original 1982 "Real American Hero" figure release in 6-inch scale, which will come in a Retro Cardback blisssster pack.

I chose to reveal thissss to you today so that you know I am watching you all! Especially those ssssniveling G.I. Joe goody two-shoessss who haven't yet backed my H.I.S.S. project. Your time is running short, so don't wasssste it!

Time is limited! This HasLab campaign will run until August 15, 2022. Back the G.I. Joe Cobra H.I.S.S. for $299.99/£299.99 UK/€349.99 DE on #HasbroPulse. See for more details!


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