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Toy State International: Marvel Ultimate Spider-man Rumble to the Rescue Quad

New from Toy State International is the Marvel Ultimate Spider-man Rumble to the Rescue Quad bike.

This tough little toy really has a lot of play value packed into it, with lights, sounds and a strong motor that will propel it around the house or out in the great outdoors. It is well made with heavy duty plastic and will be able to take rough play from the younger set as well as looking cool with everyone's favorite Web-Slinger, Spider-man.

The three buttons on the back of Spidey's seat are two smaller buttons, the one on the left is for a short blast of rock music, 'cause Spidey needs his tunes. The right button makes a cool web slinging sound effect as well as a horn honking and engine revving sound effect. The light in front of the quad will flash when these buttons are pushed illuminating a sculpted spider on the nose cone. The third button launches the bike into action, scooting it down the floor. (we even made small jumps with foamcore and books: totally fun.)

While it's for the younger folks, 3+, older kids could find this fun and the great part of it is that it can take pretty much whatever you throw at it. A definite buy for Christmas or any gift giving season. Our thanks to Toy State Intl. for supplying us with this review copy.

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