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HasLab: Mandalorian Vintage Collection Razor Crest

Star Wars Returns to HasLab

The Razor Crest, looks to be an instant hit with Star Wars collectors, with its attention to detail and awesome features, who wouldn't want to own one of these? It's huge, comes with an exclusive Mandalorian figure, detailed inner compartment including weapons locker and carbonite freezing chamber, working ramps, all the cool stuff. My only gripe... It's 350 bucks! In this economy? Yeah, it will sell, but how about coming out with a stripped down model, like what has been done with the Slave 1? 50 to 75 dollars, what a parent might spend on a Christmas gift.

It might be spectacular, but so was the original Legacy Millennium Falcon, and that was only $150! Now the new Galaxy Edge Falcon is $399! Twice as expensive, but it's basically the same ship, with a new pilot from the Disney ride, ( and in my opinion, if his name isn't Han Solo, it's Crap)! I know that Hasbro has seen what people are paying for the Falcon on the secondary market, they figure they can double the price and score some extra dollars off fans who missed out the first time. As a side note, Toygodd and I headed off to Kmart one sunny morning back in the day, and scored two of the Legacy Falcons for $50 each! You can't tell me it's oil prices either, oil is cheap. Thirty five to forty bucks a barrel, back in 2008 it was around 90 to 100 dollars a barrel. It's just an excuse to inflate the price. I'm not a hater, I want Hasbro to do well, but I also want to afford the toys I collect. Heaven knows that my collecting has been severely limited in the past few years. I would love to own a Razor Crest, and add it to my collection, but I find it hard to expend that much cash on what is basically a toy.

Look below for the press release from HasLab:

Now In 2018 we launched HasLab with a dream: to make something fans had been requesting for years, Jabba’s Sail Barge, the Khetanna, the biggest Vintage Collection vehicle yet. And thanks to the fans, thanks to you, we did it. Now we’re back at HasLab with another dream project, and we need your help again to make it happen.

After the success of the Barge, the team spent some time thinking about the best product to follow up. We thought about dipping back into the Original Trilogy or maybe making something from the latest movie entertainment. But time and again we came back to something that was right there, on our TV, tablet, and laptop screens. Star Wars: The Mandalorian introduced a ship that quickly became an iconic part of The Mandalorian lore. It already has more Star Wars screen time than any ship besides the Millennium Falcon and was the centerpiece of some of the most memorable scenes in the series.

The more we talked about it, the more we appreciated the arc of that story. So much of The Mandalorian is inspired by the original Star Wars trilogy, and choosing something from the series resembles a passing of the torch: from classic to new, from movies to streaming, and from one designer to another.

The Hasbro Star Wars team wants to make a Vintage Scale Razor Crest, and we want to do it justice. With your help, we can.

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