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Valaverse: What color Vanguard would you like?

Smart move by Bobby Vala. I imagine that not only will this help with later releases of the Vanguard, but also for any retailer exclusives that could happen in the future.

I'm a fan of the gray one but would suggest a glossy or satin black version as well -f or those "exec protect" missions! From Valaverse: "Action Force fans, we want to hear your voice again! We currently have the Vanguard's first offering in desert tan but we thought we would see how you would like some additional options. We set up a fan poll at the link below. Now, before you rush over there to cast your vote, this poll gives 4 options in ranking order. Assigning #1 makes that your first choice, #2 for your second choice and so on.

This poll will stay open until August 18th. After that, we will look at the numbers and decide if we will make the initial Vanguard offering a different color. Please keep in mind that we will be offering the Vanguard in other colors after this first release.


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