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Valaverse: "Sticker Price" for the Action Force Vanguard vehicle now showing!

Very nice! Figure and weapons pack to start, and add-ons down the line. From Valaverse: "We made a big announcement about the Action Force Vanguard during the panel at Power Con. Unfortunately, there was an issue with the video and we could not post the Power Con panel. Not to worry, we are going to share that information for all of you. We announced the price for the base offering of the Action Force Vanguard and it will blow your mind!!! $184.99!!! Who does a 1/12 scale vehicle that is 20" long for less than $200??? VALAVERSE DOES!!!

Take a look at the pictures and see everything you get for this incredible value. Before you ask, we are still finalizing the color options based on the fan feedback. Gray was the clear winner but the tan version looks really awesome. Who knows, maybe we will offer both colors. The Vanguard will go up for pre-order in September and thats when you will be able to have all of your remaining questions answered.

We are very excited to bring you this awesome vehicle with tons to offer at an amazing price. Hope you enjoy this bit of news. Stay tuned for more.


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