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Super 7: The COBRA Mothership may soon be coming for us all!

IMPRESSIVE. Even if I don't collect in this scale, it still would be a sight to see - even with your Classified display. From Super 7: "Now’s your chance to join the Cobra ranks with this crowdfund vehicle inspired by the opening sequence of the animated series, G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero. Custom built to scale with 3.75” ReAction Figures as well as vintage G.I. Joe O-Ring Figures, the Cobra Mothership is a massive 31” in diameter and comes with three vertical Thruster display stands to display your ship as it begins to take flight. Explore the forbidding exterior of the ship and you’ll find multiple hidden defense turrets, 16 light-up thrusters on the underside of the ship, and a posterior ramp that lowers to deploy your army of Cobra allies. Remove the five exterior panels on the top of the ship to reveal the aircraft’s awesome interior which includes a Command Center with a rotating Giant Globe, an armory to store the arsenal of included weapon accessories, a prison cell with functional handcuffs to keep captives secure, explosives storage on either side of the posterior ramp (to drop explosives on unsuspecting Joes below!), and more! Since every vehicle needs a crew, the Cobra Mothership will also come with an exclusive Cobra Viper Gunner ReAction Figure and an exclusive Cobra Viper Gunner O-Ring Figure! Available to pre-order now at! Early Funding Bonus: If we reach our base goal of 4,000 backers by 11:59 PM PT on October 22nd, everyone that ordered by this date will receive two Cobra Escape Parachutes in addition to the Cobra Mothership vehicle. Perfect for use with any figure (and even a certain Commander), the soft goods parachutes will be fully functional!"

"While the Cobra Mothership may come with two Cobra Viper Gunners, you’ll need a full crew to take down G.I. Joe! To fill every available seat on the Cobra Mothership, there are two separate Cobra Viper Gunner 5-packs that are also available to fans that order the Cobra Mothership- a Cobra Viper Gunner ReAction Figure 5-pack and a Cobra Viper Gunner O-Ring Figure 5-pack. These troop-building packs are only available for order during the campaign window (October 12, 2023 - December 11, 2023)- don’t forget to add the fearsome fivesomes to your Cobra Mothership crew! Available to pre-order now at! "

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