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Super 7: GI Joe PSA Figures and Accessories?! No Joke!

Perfectly timed and from the perfect company to do it! I remember seeing these repurposed GI Joe PSA's from friends back in the early 2000's. As back then, watching them now is some surreal stuff! And Super 7 is the perfect company to not only make an April Fool's Day joke about figures... but actually MAKE THEM! From Super 7:

The G.I. Joe animated series was famous for its Public Service Announcements at the end of each episode, but over time, some of the clips were repurposed into somewhat less clear-cut messages.

This April Fool’s Day, whether you’re a fan of the original PSAs or the parodies that they would eventually inspire, Super7 has the collection you’ve been waiting for, starring “Body Massage” Roadblock and “I’m a Computer” Mutt!

Visit the Super7 G.I. Joe PSA Collection HERE!

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