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SDCC 2023: Super 7 announces crowdfunding for the ULTIMATES Thundercats Cats' Lair playset!

Pretty damn impressinve! But will people put up this much real estate in their home? We shall see... From Super 7: ""ThunderCats™ fans! Bring Third Earth into your home with this epic, made-to-order ULTIMATES! Cats' Lair playset crowdfund!! Super7 has created a monumental new version of the iconic refuge that measures 36.7” tall, 33.5"" deep when open, and 52.7” wide when open. Sized to accommodate your 7” scale ULTIMATES! Figures, this playset is chock-full of hidden defense weapons and unfolds to reveal a massive command center with removable control pods, the ThunderTank maintenance hangar, a hidden weapons room, and so much more! It also features battery-powered light up details on the Cat Head eyes, the ThunderCats™ chest emblem, and the command center computer screen! You’d have to travel to Third Earth in order to find anything close to rivaling this mighty ThunderCats™ fortress - save the time and expense of interstellar travel by funding the creation of this playset. If ThunderCats™ fans help us reach the unlocking tiers we will be able to include additional accessories including a laboratory table, a resting Claw Shield accessory, a Sword of Omens accessory, and an exclusive Astral Projection Lion-O™ ULTIMATES! Figure to occupy this mighty fortress! Available to pre-order through September 17th at

EARLY FUNDING BONUS: If we reach our base goal of 3,000 backers by 11:59 PM PT on July 30th, everyone that ordered by this date will receive a life-size Key to Thundera in addition to the ThunderCats ULTIMATES! Cat’s Lair playset!" #Super7 #Thundercats '


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