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Mondo: Wolvie gets 12in for the first time with Mondo!

Both funny and well-done all at once! It must be MONDO! Say what you will about their prices and availability, Mondo ALWAYS does quality work

From Mondo:



Wolverine from X-Men: The Animated Series gets in-touch

with his sensitive side in this recreation of the now-iconic meme

Austin, TX --- July 20, 2021 --- In their first-ever 1/6 figure from X-Men: The Animated Series, Mondo is proud to unveil their uncanny recreation of the now-iconic meme of Wolverine in a limited edition collectible form. The team took great pains to capture Wolverine in this rare moment of repose, pining after his crush Jean Grey in a photograph. An item perfect to couch on a shelf alongside other Mondo Marvel merchandise and memorabilia, Mondo’s San Diego Comic Con exclusive Limited Edition will be available to pre-order on on Friday, July 23 at 12pm CT.

“There were really only a handful of Saturday morning cartoons in the ‘90s that stood out amongst the rest,” say Mondo Creative Directors Toys & Collectibles Hector Arce and Michael Bonanno. “I think we all remember that first day we watched the first-ever episode of X-Men the Animated Series...sitting in bed or on our couches, excited and then....THAT song plays...little minds blown everywhere! That intro song hooked us right from the beginning and kept us coming every Saturday for months and months excited to see what happened to Wolverine and the X-Men.

“We are so proud to present the first 1/6 scale figure for a series that has captured our imagination since our youth. The theme song is still stuck in our heads, years later. Of course you have to launch the series with Wolverine, but we felt that it’d be even more fun to recreate this specific scene-turned-meme. Creating this diorama for our SDCC at Home Limited Edition was truly the most fun we’ve had here at Mondo Toys and Collectibles and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

Wolverine 1/6 Figure - Limited Edition SDCC Variant

Even self-healing, raging heroes need a moment to themselves. See Wolverine in a rare moment of introspection in this 1/6 scale recreation of the iconic moment from X-Men: The Animated Series. Nestled up in his bed, see Wolverine with four swappable expressions, retracted and extended claws, lightning claw energy effect, a glossy photo of Cyclops and Jean Grey, which can be swapped out with a photo of your choosing as well, and, of course, a turkey leg. Put Wolverine in bed on the shelf next to your bed today!

Price: $200


Concept Design: Mike Bonanno and Hector Arce

Sculptors: Tufan Sezer and Hector Arce

Packaging Illustration: Eric Anderson

Packaging Design: Mike Bonanno

Paint: Hector Arce

Art Direction: Mike Bonanno and Hector Arce

This Product Includes:

Limited Edition Sad Masked Head

Neutral Masked Head

Angry Masked Head

Logan Unmasked Head

Morph Head

Picture Frame with Scott and Jean Photo

Thanksgiving Turkey Leg


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