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Mondo: She-Ra Princess of Power 1/6 figure is about to arrive!

First, Mondo brought you the Masters of the Universe in 1/6th. Now they are about to unleash the Princess of Power!

From Mondo:




Finally arriving to our ever expanding Masters of the Universe 1/6th line is the Princess of Power herself ... She-Ra!

Appearing for the first time in the 1984 mini-comic, The Story of She-Ra, she soon became a national pop culture icon and a positive symbol for female representation in cartoons, toys and comics. Being such a larger-than-life character, we here at Mondo knew the responsibility we had in representing her in all our awesome glory ... and having her be the first female character in our 1/6th MOTU line seemed like the most fitting for a character of her stature.

Almost an entire two years in the making, we painstakingly obsessed over every detail, making sure we were both being truthful to the original character's look and design, while updating with a more modern spin. Here’s a look at the figure with all accessories:

This Mondo Exclusive product includes:

  • She-Ra Figure

  • Tiara

  • Battle Tiara

  • Classic Tiara

  • Classic Belt

  • Hair Bangs

  • Standard Hair

  • Sheath Opening Hair

  • Power Sword

  • Power Sword Sheath

  • Classic Power Sword

  • Shield

  • Battle Axe Comb

  • Kowl Figure

  • 3 Pairs of Interchangeable Hands

  • Fabric Cape

It all starts with concept art ... and one of the best and most knowledgeable on all things Masters is Emiliano Santalucia: his take on the character was both fresh and a nod to the original design. We then updated his concept to include She-Ra’s Classic Tiara and belt:

Once our concept was approved, we moved on to sculpting, where we spent a large amount of time making sure everything looked just right. We entrusted the skills of Tommy Hodges, obsessing over every detail, articulation points and accessories until we landed in a good spot. Mara Ancheta provided her amazing paint skills for the prototype, and we got Tom Rozejowski to paint her portrait.

The end result is something we are all really proud of!

Finally, we reached out to the amazing Raúl Berrero to handle the photography and he (yet again) crushed it with the imagery. Here’s a look at some of those awesome shots:

She-Ra is an incredible character in the MOTU Universe. She has touched the lives of many boys and girls, men and women throughout her existence in the pop culture sphere. We couldn’t be more proud to finally have her represented in this line of figures. Thank you all for your support … you have the power!

This She-Ra Mondo Exclusive will be available only at as a 48 hour timed edition. The pre-order goes live on July 12th at 12PM CT, with free shipping to the United States and select European countries through Mondo's official website.

She-Ra (1/6 Scale Figure) - Mondo Exclusive. Concept by Emiliano Santalucia and Hector Arce. Sculpt by Tommy Hodges. Cut and Sew by Tim Henson. Paint by Mara Ancheta and Tom Rozejowski. Packaging Art by Florian Bertmer. Packaging Design by Mike Bonnano. Photography by Raúl Barrero. 48 hour timed edition, beginning at 12PM CT on 7/12. Limit three per customer. Expected to ship in Spring 2023. Ships to Most Locations Worldwide, shipping free to the United States and select EU countries. $250

Visit the Mondo official site & social handles for more information: Website: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:

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