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Mondo: Masters of the Universe 1/6 He-Man "Timed" Edition for preorder on 6/21!

YOU can have the POWER! He-Man (Deluxe 1/6 Scale Figure) - Mondo Exclusive. Design by Emiliano Santalucia. Sculpt by Richard Force. Hair sculpt by May Thamtarana. Cut & Sew by Tim Hanson. Paint by Mara Ancheta and Hector Arce.

Packaging Art by Florian Bertmer. Packaging Design by Brent Ashe and Mike Bonnano. Photography by Raúl Barrero.

24 hour timed edition, beginning at 12PM CT on 6/21. Expected to ship in February 2023. Ships to Most Locations Worldwide. $260

From Mondo:

Masters of the Universe: He-Man ⅙ Scale Figure (Timed Edition)

A little over half a decade ago, Mondo released its first ever Masters of the Universe collectible: not only was it was first ever 1/6th scale MOTU collectible, but we had the freedom to redefine the character and update it in a way that now only Mondo is known for.

This first-ever release in this line was He-Man.

Now over six years later, and after 10 different figures in the Mondo / MOTU collection, we are proud to present the return of He-Man to this line. This version is the definitive version that celebrates some of He-Man, as well as some of his most well known accessories from the original Mattel releases in the ‘80s.

Though the original figure is amazing in its own right, we felt that if we were going to go back and re-releasing He-Man, there should be a substantial amount of new accessories to make this feel like a deluxe and definitive version. With that in mind, we dug deep into He-Man figures of the past and picked some of our favorite representations of the character.

We first started with the basics and updated the design of the original chest armor that we all know and love.

From there, his battle armor was the next obvious piece to include, as the armor is a staple in the He-Man lore and collectibles:

But you can’t do the battle armor without a nod to the original toy’s spinning H mechanism. And, while we couldn’t do the spinning mechanism because of the way our figures are made, we had to include something. Our solution was a swappable “H” that snaps on and off with a magnet. It may not be as fun as a spinning H, but trust us … snapping that H on-and-off is pretty satisfying in its own right.

We then took it all a step further by adding all the “Thunder Punch” He-Man accessories. Down to the gem caps, lightning punch swappable hand effect, and so much more!

Here’s a look at all the accessories that comes with the Mondo Exclusive:

The product Includes:

  • He-Man Figure

  • Neutral Portrait

  • Angry Portrait

  • Classic Portrait

  • Classic Chest Armor

  • Battle Chest Armor

  • Swappable standard and battle damaged "H" on battle armor

  • Power Sword

  • Classic Shield

  • Battle Axe

  • Ankle Knife

  • Ankle Knife Sheath

  • 5 interchangeable hands

  • Thunder Punch Chest Armor

  • Thunder Punch "Electric" Punch interchangeable hand

  • Thunder Punch Power Sword

  • Thunder Punch Shield

  • Thunder Punch Gems

Of course, none of this would be possible without amazing concept art. We entrusted the awesome Emiliano Santalucia with fleshing out our ideas and redesigning He-Man. The idea was to make it feel fresh, yet true to the classic aesthetic.

Emiliano has extensive knowledge of the MOTU world, so having his expertise on board and designing the figure was one of our favorite parts about the entire process. And, once we were all happy with the design, we reached out to sculptor Richard Force to tackle the sculpting, and Mara Ancheta to paint the figure. The end result was something really special!

Florian Bertmer also did incredible work with the packaging design. Here is a first look at his pencils for the product.

Finally, we tasked the super talented Raúl Barrero to photograph this figure and he turned in some of his most beautiful work yet.

He-Man has been a part of pop culture, and a part of our toy collections, for decades. We have been lucky enough to add to that rich world, and give collectors something they love. The main reason we decided to bring He-Man back was because we know that a MOTU collection isn’t complete (or can even get started) without a He-Man in it. And since our original release has been long sold out, we felt it was time to bring He-Man back.

Thank you all for the support you have given this line. We wholeheartedly appreciate every single one of you. You have the power!

- Hector Arce, Creative Director - Toys and Collectibles.

The He-Man Deluxe Mondo Exclusive will be available only at as a 24 hour timed edition. The pre-order goes live on June 21st.

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