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McFarlane Toys: Arm up your McFarlane figs exclusively!

I guess Todd figured out a way around Warner Consumer products "ban" on guns with their characters. While nothing official has been announced, multiple toy websites and YouTube channels have noted for more than year that multiple DC action figures by McFarlane Toys have been missing character specific firearms. It IS pretty obvious when characters like Peacemaker doesn't come with his iconic oversized Desert Eagle, and the unmasked Thomas Wayne Batman from Flashpoint has holsters, but no pistols to put in them! But Todd ALWAYS finds a way!

From McFarlane Toys Facebook:

According to another McFarlane Toys FB post, "The McFarlane Toys Munitions Pack is available for Pre-Order NOW exclusively at the McFarlane Toys Store! Comes with 15 different weapons, this online exclusive accessory pack is compatible with any 7in McFarlane Toys Figure."

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