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McFarlane: Arm up your figures with Accessory Pack #2!

I'm still displeased that licensor/s (looking at you, WB) have been putting the nix of guns with their figures. But leave it to McFarlane Toys to continue an end run around it - AGAIN!

From McFarlane Toys::

"This online exclusive Accessory Pack #2 is compatible with any 7in scale McFarlane Toys Figure. This pack includes 17 different accessories.

Comes with 17 different action figure munition accessories.

McFarlane Toys Store Online Exclusive.

Accessory Pack #2 is available NOW for pre-order exclusively at McFarlane Toys Store!

Comes with 17 new weapons and is compatible with any 7" scale McFarlane Toys Figure.

Don't miss out!

The Accessory Pack #2 is expected to be shipping February 2023.

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