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Hasbro: The 3rd Tier figure revealed for Operation: Dragonfly HasLab vehicle!

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

With a week to go and just over 15,000 backers, Habro has revealed the final Tier for the HasLab Dragonfly vehcile. Now - can it gain 4K backers in seven days? I think it will. From Hasbro Pulse: "#YoJoe! Stay the course, soldier - we're in the final stretch of the G.I. Joe Classified Series HasLab campaign! To expand the ranks of the Joe team, we need recruits with the willingness to jump out of a helicopter into a hot landing zone with nothing more than a rifle, a couple grenades, and some good bad ideas. If OPERATION: DRAGONFLY reaches 19,000 backers before the end of the campaign, all backers receive a G.I. Joe Classified Series Night Force David "Crazylegs" Thomas action figure with removable helmet, goggles, cap, backpack, and weapon accessories.

You may find his penchant for humming classical music annoying when you're pinned down between enemy fire and a field of anti-personnel mines...then, there's no sweeter sound than his tunes as Crazylegs comes ducking and weaving through the haze to haul your rear to safety. His contributions as Airborne Infantry and a parachute rigger will prove invaluable to the Joe team. Let's press onward to victory and unlock that final tier!

There is still time to back this project and stop Cobra in their slithering tracks! This HasLab campaign will run until July 17, 2023. Back the G.I. Joe Assault Copter Dragonfly (XH-1) for $274.99 US/£ 289.99 UK/€ 349.99 EUR/HK$2,749.99/RM$1,749.99/SG$549.99 on #HasbroPulse. See for more details!

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