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Hasbro: Wolverine and Hulk are dressed for success!

Guess I don't need to finish my Patch custom! This two-pack was going to be on my list for "Randy's Toys That MUST Be Made in 2024"... and Hasbro beat me to it!

Looking snazzy! From Hasbro Pulse: "Check out the latest Marvel Legends Series 2-pack celebrating the 50th anniversary of Wolverine featuring Marvel's Patch and Joe Fixit! Inspired by the characters' appearance in Marvel's Wolverine comics, this set features a 6-inch Marvel's Patch and 8-inch Joe Fixit along with 6 accessories to reimagine Wolverine comics-inspired scenes on your shelf, including alternate head and hands for each figure, plus collectible packaging with original artwork from @PhilNoto!

Available now for pre-order on #HasbroPulse!

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