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Hasbro: Operation-Dragonfly HasLab 3rd Tier Unlocked!

The Dragonfly really has wings! Even after clearing the 19K backers to unlock the Tier 3 Night Force Crazylegs figure, the HasLab is zipping right along, at more the 20K backers and growing. From Hasbro Pulse: "YO JOE! YOU’VE MADE OPERATION: DRAGONFLY A ROUSING SUCCESS

We won a major victory unlocking all of the campaign tiers, but the battle’s not over. Thanks to your dedication, the Joe team can face off against the forces of Cobra on a more level playing field. Your new marching orders are to see just how many Assault Copter orders we can get before the end of the campaign on July 17th to truly send those snakes slithering back into their hole. Let’s finish the job together. Yo Joe!

There is still time to back this project and show Cobra what G.I. Joe fans can accomplish! This HasLab campaign will run until July 17, 2023. Back the G.I. Joe Assault Copter Dragonfly (XH-1) for $274.99 US/£ 289.99 UK/€ 349.99 EUR/HK$2,749.99/RM$1,749.99/SG$549.99 on #HasbroPulse. See for more details!

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