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Hasbro: Mutt & Junkyard and Metal-Head up for pre-order now!

Updated: Nov 8

After seeing it being unboxed on Hasbro's 1027 show, I'm DEFINITELY gonna have to get the Mutt & Junkyard set!

From Hasbro Pulse: "Revealed at @mcmcomiccon, new figures are ready for action in the G.I. Joe Classified Series including Mutt & Junkyard and Iron Grenadier Metal-Head! The Deluxe Metal-Head is a walking anti-tank weapon serving Destro’s Iron Grenadiers and comes with 28 character-inspired accessories, while Mutt is a natural with animals and gets along better with dogs than he does with humans and features 16 character-inspired accessories plus his pet Junkyard.

Available now for pre-order on #HasbroPulse!

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