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Hasbro: GI Joe Classified Operation: Dragonfly HasLab given a 24 hr extension!

Well, I'm glad that this had already cleared the 19K backers before announcing this, because there would have a WHINY vocal minority of collectors ranting on and on. From Hasbro Pulse: "IMPORTANT CAMPAIGN UPDATE

ATTENTION! This HasLab is NOT OVER! due to a deadline miscommunication on the HasbroPulse App*, we're briefly extending the campaign and giving our loyal G.I. Joe fans one more chance to back this project, build their XH-1 fleet, and take down Cobra!

The G.I Joe Assault Copter Dragonfly (XH-1) HasLab campaign will now run until 11:59pm ET on July 18, 2023 on #HasbroPulse for $274.99 US/£ 289.99 UK/€ 349.99 EUR/HK$2,749.99/RM$1,749.99/SG$549.99. See for more details!

*HasbroPulse App update is now available on iOS and Android. Fans, please update your HasbroPulse App to shop and view the extended HasLab campaign.


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