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Hasbro: De-CLASSIFIED figure renders for Joe Day!

Who knew it was GI Joe Day?

Hasbro DID... and dropped several new images of upcoming 2023 figures and sets. From Hasbro Pulse:

"It is #GIJoeDay! Today we're celebrating #GIJoe in all its glory.

Not to let #GIJoeDay get cold, but in this case it's our first #GIJoeClassifiedSeries render reveal! It's #SnowJob in his arctic gear and loaded with character-inspired accessories to beat Cobra as he skis down the slopes to victory! Pre-order later this year - stay tuned! #YoJoe

We don't want to blow up anyone's spot, but that's exactly what this next #GIJoeDay render reveal is about to do. Check out the #GIJoe#ClassifiedSeries#ScrapIron - equipped with his rocket-loaded, piezo-electric Anti-Armor Drone and blast effects! Pre-order later this year!

#GIJoe#ClassifiedSeries Steel Corps. are the next render reveal we're bringing you. These Joes are coming in hot with jetpacks, swappable heads, and an array of weapons & blast effects that are sure to turn up the heat in their battle against #Cobra! Pre-order later this year!

#GIJoeDay is in for some trouble...wait, we mean TRUBBLE! That's right, the final render reveal for today is none other than the #GIJoe#ClassifiedSeries Cobra Tele-Viper and #TrubbleBubble vehicle! Available for pre-order later this year!

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