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Four Horsemen: The newest Figura Obscura is a ghost... of Christmas!

Another great choice of holiday figure from Four Horsemen! From Four Horsemen:

"I wear the chains I forged in life.

The next character to haunt the halls of the Figura Obscura is the Ghost of Jacob Marley from Charles Dickens’ beloved holiday classic, “A Christmas Carol.”

This 1:12 scale figure stands approximately 7” tall and features a ghostly paint scheme with number of new parts debuting on this release! The Ghost of Jacob of Marley figure includes a new full sculpted coat with lower arm cuffs, a new cravat piece, chest piece and skirt, and the boots first seen on our Cosmic Legions Kurnn Ray figure (but which were actually developed for Marley here)! In addition to these new body pieces, this damnable spirit also includes 2 new head portraits, a pair of Marley-face doorknockers, and a harness which is linked to the many chains he drags around. Each of the chains are connected to cashboxes, ledgers, and keys. He even drags a large safe behind him. We wonder what old Marley could be hiding in that safe?

The Ghost of Jacob Marley figure is IN STOCK and available to order now from Shipping on these orders will begin immediately. Due to the number of orders we expect to receive, this process will take approximately 3 weeks to complete. Please be aware of this timeframe when ordering. The Ghost of Jacob Marley figure is $60 and there are no purchase limits on this item. Because this item is limited to what we have on hand, we do expect to sell out! As we have done for past Figura releases, we have split the inventory available across two sale drops. We did one drop at 9am this morning (Saturday, 12/2), with a second drop planned for 8pm EST that same evening.

In addition to the Marley figure, we also have holiday cards, enamel pins, and handcrafted European metal campside mugs available with the same theme, as well as limited “All In” sets which include 1 of each item available!

You will be haunted by Figura Obscura…if you get over to now!"


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