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Four Horsemen: The newest Figura Obscura comes for us all...

Whoa. The Four Horsemen go dark for Halloween with a classic character from a classic book! From Four Horsemen: "And Darkness and Decay and the Red Death held illimitable dominion over all.

The next character to join the ranks of the Figura Obscura is the titular character from Edgar Allan Poe’s classic short story, “The Masque of the Red Death.”

This 1:12 scale figure stands approximately 7” tall with a gaunt, zombie-like body covered in multi-layered, blood-red robes (all soft goods are fully removable - see final photos). The Red Death figure includes extra sets of hands and accessories taken directly from the short story, including Prince Prospero’s dagger, a bloody display base, and the large, black clock located in the final room of the Prince’s abbey. All Red Death figures also come with a fully illustrated mini-comic featuring the short story presented alongside original artwork created for this latest Figura Obscura release.

This Red Death figure is available for order now exclusively from This is an in-stock item and shipping on these orders will begin immediately so that you can have this nightmare on display for the Halloween season (we expect it will take approx. 3 weeks to get all orders out). Of course, since this is an in-stock item, it is also limited to the stock we have on hand to sell, and like past Figura Obscura releases we expect this to sell out quickly! The price on the Figura Obscura: The Masque of the Red Death is $60 and it is limited to 4-per-person/per sale drop (the first drop was at 9am EST today – 9/23, with a second drop with the same items scheduled for 8pm EST tonight).

In addition to the Red Death figure, we also have mugs and pins with this same theme, and is offering t-shirts of this new Figura Obscura.

The party has begun…and if you want to join in, you need to get to now to get your Figura Obscura: The Masque of the Red Death figures. "

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