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Four Horsemen: The first Figura Obscura figure available today - and selling FAST!

An action figure for the holidays that's perfectly Four Horseman - KRAMPUS! From the Four Horseman: FIGURA OBSCURA!!

The first release in Four Horsemen Studio’s new Figura Obscura line - the dreaded Krampus - dropped this morning at 9am EST and will begin shipping soon!

If you were unfortunate enough to go miss out on the first drop, then expect to be beaten with a bundle of sticks and thrown into a basket to be carried away soon. But if you’re able to escape that fate, be sure to head over to again this evening (Sunday) at 8pm EST for a second chance at that horrible beast!

A few images of the items offered in this incredible drop are included here, but if you want the full story of both Krampus and Figura Obscura, plus lots more images, head on over to NOW!

Plus, if you want to grab one of those official incredible Krampus t-shirts in multiple festive colors right now, jump over to before the Krampus wraps you up in one and carries you away!

Last, to get some insider details about this release, along with the usual shenanigans involved, hop over to today!


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