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Four Horsemen: Conabus - The Skeleton Horse arrives with the new year!

The Four Horsemen are NOT slowing down in 2023! This skeleton horse looks amazing and fits into plenty of different figure genres, not just Mythic Legions. I've no doubt this will be a big seller for them - and ending VERY SOON!

From Four Horsemen: "A “full skeleton horse” was on many of our fans’ wish lists leading up to the reveal of the Mythic Legions: Necronominus wave. Some of those fans didn’t think we’d do it since a fully skeletal horse would require completely brand new tooling - but we knew we had to go big for the steed of the final member of the Dark Four to be revealed! And so Conabus, the skeleton horse of Necronominus, was unveiled!

This is one of those figures that we know fans are going to have lots of fun with! After all, which figures won’t look cool sitting atop a skeleton steed!?

Conabus is available for preorder now at The preorder runs for less than 2 more weeks, so get your order in before 1/15/23 for Conabus and the rest of the Mythic Legions: Necronominus wave!"

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