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Four Horseman: Next Figura Obscura rises from the sands of Ancient Egypt!

More amazing quality figures from Four Horsemen and their Figura Obscura line! From Four Horsemen: "The next characters to enter the ranks of the Figura Obscura are two Gods of Ancient Egypt - introducing Anubis and Bastet.

These 1:12 scale figures stand approximately 7” tall and are fully articulated with 30+ points of articulation each. While they are individually packaged, Anubis and Bastet are only sold in this sale as a pair.

Each of these figures come with a variety of display items. The jackal-headed God of the Dead, Anubis, includes 3 heads – a passive expression, an aggressive look, and a head inspired by statues of this deity. He also includes multiple hands and feet in both animal and human styles, a removable tail, and a number of accessories - including the large “Anubis shrine” diorama piece based on the artifact found in Tutankhamun’s tomb.

Bastet is our first ever female Figura Obscura. She comes with 4 heads – 2 of which are organic, and 2 of which are inspired by statues of this goddess. She also includes multiple hands and feet (animal and human), a tail, accessories, and the large Gayer-Anderson cat statue.

The Gods of Ancient Egypt set is IN STOCK NOW only at Shipping on these orders will begin immediately. Due to the number of orders we expect to receive, this process could take approximately 3-4 weeks to complete. Please be aware of this timeframe when ordering. The Figure Obscura: Gods of Ancient Egypt set is $120 and there is a per person purchase limit of 12 sets for each drop. Because these figures are limited to what we have on hand, we do expect to sell out! As we have done for past Figura releases, we have split the inventory available across two sale drops. We did one at 9am this morning (Sat, 5/18), with a second planned for 8pm EST this evening. The same items are available in both drops.

In addition to the figures, we also have soft enamel pins and coffee mugs available with the same theme, as well as “All In” sets which are limited to 1 per drop. We have also added the $9.99 flat rate shipping option for US orders in this sale.


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