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  • Randy of AFTimes

HasLab: Update on The Vintage Collection Razor Crest ship playset crowdfunding campaign!

During Hasbro Pulse's recent "Mando Monday" reveals, they gave and update on the progress of Hasbro's HASLAB Vintage scale Razor Crest. They showed off painted images of the space ship playset for the first time.

Since the start of the campaign, they've already Unlocked two goals: Unlock #1: Escape pod Unlock #2: Exclusive The Child figure with end-of-season-1 hover pram With the 3rd Goal Unlocked at 13,000 backers: 4 carbonite blocks (as seen in The Mandalorian Episode 1) With less than 700 backers to reach that goal, there's little doubt that it won't be met by November 9th's deadline. -RANDY(of AFTimes)

From Hasbro Pulse: "Here is an up close look at the fully painted deco model of the Star Wars The Vintage Collection Razor Crest. Star Wars fans only have until 11:59PM ET on November 9th, 2020 to back this HasLab project. Head over to #HasbroPulse now to learn more! CLICK HERE!

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