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HasLab updates on the Marvel Legends Sentinel project.

Hasbro Pulse just released an updated statement concerning the HasLab Marvel Legend Sentinel pre-order and the Tier goals. From Hasbro Pulse: "To all the amazing Marvel Legends fans – THANK YOU for the most uncanny launch week in HasLab history! We were blown away by all the support and did not anticipate the project to be where it stands now after only one week – 100% funded with all 3 tiers unlocked and over 11,000 total backers.

We want to apologize for any confusion around the communication of the tier unlocks. There were a total of 3 planned tiers at 7,000, 8,000 and 9,000 backers. We outlined this during the July 10th reveal and livestream. However, we recognize that the online product page copy was phrased less clearly. At Hasbro Pulse, fans come first. We certainly hope that all Sentinel backers are still as excited as we are, but if any backers are having second thoughts, please refer to the crowdfund cancellation & refund policy. Payments have not yet been processed.

Late last week, the Sentinel crowdfund launched in Europe through and we are working to finalize plans for additional countries. As a thank you to all the passionate Marvel Legends fans around the world, we are adding a SECOND tentacle accessory to the package. Now each backer of the 26.3-inch tall Sentinel will receive two 18-inch bendy wire tentacle accessories perfect for play or display. So, what’s next for the next 35 days? We’ll be bringing you behind the scenes content and other development updates to take you on the journey of bringing this mutant-hunting monstrosity to life. Stay tuned!"

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