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Hasbro reveals Series 3 of the 40th Anniversary EMPIRE STRIKES BACK Star Wars Black figures!

While heavily rumored for weeks, Hasbro officially announced the third series of the 40th Anniversary The Empire Strikes Back STAR WARS Black figures on theier FacebookSW Fan Friday... on Monday. The assortment, with figures on retro-styled cards, consists of Boba Fett, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Imperial Snow Trooper, and Luke-Dagobah (from the Luke/Yoda two pack). Many of the figures have upgrades from their original release, including updated chest box on Darth Vader, as well as new paint ops on the Imperial Snow Trooper. These figures are available for preorder at Hasbro Pulse and other online retailers, and are due for release in Sept/Oct. 2020.

*Photos provided by Hasbro.

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