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Hollywood Blvd Superman Christopher Dennis passes away at 52

This picture of us above was not planned, but was just a typical day when I was taking a selfie and he just happened to be sitting behind me.

I was lucky to be friends with Christopher Dennis aka Hollywood Boulevard Superman. I met him when I moved out to Los Angeles. There are a lot of weird cosplayers around, (if you want to call them that), but Christopher was a staple on Hollywood Boulevard. He was the first to be out on the Boulevard in the 80's. He often had a crowd around him, always thrilling tourists with his striking resemblance to Christopher Reeve. Always donning his Superman costume, (which gained a lot of celebrity signatures since I first met him) I would frequently see him at events where celebrities acknowledged him and signed his suit. They also would ask for pictures with him as if he was the celebrity! He even was on Jimmy Kimmel Live several times.

I once did a video with Christopher promoting the capes for sale on Entertainment Earth. Which you can watch here-

He was more than happy to do the video, and be his goofy self and get attention. He was familiar with being in front of the camera as he had appeared in a few documentaries, most notably, "Confessions of a Superhero" which helped him gain more fame.

Sadly, we lost a legend in November. Christopher had battled with issues such as homelessness and other trials and tribulations, but I hope he is at peace now. My prayers are with your friends and family, Hollywood Superman. Thanks to a private donor, his funeral services have been paid for and in accordance with his wishes, he will be buried in his Superman costume. Funeral services will be held on Saturday, December 7, 2019 at Forest Lawn cemetery.

God bless you, Christopher. You are forever our Hollywood Superman.

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